A Taste of Summer

“I left home but there’s one thing that I still know,
It’s always summer in my heart and in my soul.”

— Yellowcard, “Always Summer”

We stood at the top of the hill on Shoreline Drive and I started to remember all of the people I’ve seen skate down it.  I once saw some guy walk up from the beach and ride down the hill on a skateboard with a surfboard in hand.  If he could do that, it’d be easy-peasy for me.  Or, at least, that’s what I tried to think.

I thought we were just gonna go for an easy ride through the park.  It was dusk on a Monday evening and we had followed my parents to the park on their evening walk.

The cruise through the park was nice – there was a little hill I managed to skate through (after stopping and telling everyone I was scared).  Now, we were standing at the crest of a larger hill at the edge of Shoreline Park.

Lex went first.  He was always the brave one even when we were younger.  He pushed off the ground and rode his tiny skateboard down the hill, weaving back and forth between bike lanes in a wave motion.

Eugene followed.  I saw him bail out about half-way down.  That was always an option.

Then Niko and I stood at the hill’s crest.

I put my board on the ground and Niko muttered to himself, “I can do this,” while he put Freelines on the ground and pushed off.

We rushed down the hill.  The pavement was really rocky and made loud scraping sounds as the plastic wheels on my board turned.  I jumped off of my board half-way down and chased it for a little bit as gravity took it further towards the flat part before the hill.

Niko and I kept getting back on and then jumping off when we felt like we were losing control until we reached the place where Lex and Eugene were waiting.

As I walked back up the hill with Niko and Lex and Eugene, I felt excited that I actually tried going down the hill.

2014-06-02 19.28.28.jpg

2014-06-02 19.28.20.jpg

2014-06-02 19.35.42.jpg

That evening felt like the beginning of summer.  Not because of the longer day or the fact that it’s June. I was spending time with good people, enjoying the everlasting sunshine, and having a sort-of adventure down the hill.

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The Summer Before the Rest of my Life

Last week, I delved into the job hunt.  Here are the numbers so far:

  • It’s been days.
  • I have emailed 12 people about potential jobs and internships and submitted 3 job applications.
  • In response, I have gotten 4 phone calls and 2 emails.
  • I have driven 180 miles for a job interview in Santa Monica.
  • I have 1 internship interview lined up for this week and am waiting for callback.

Currently, I have volunteered to be a social media intern for Girls Rock SB and a cantor at a local parish.  On top of this, I recently had a job interview in which the interviewer informed me that there would be a training period of 6 months in New Jersey.  It’s kind of exactly what I wanted.  I’d be able to move to somewhere new, living in a small apartment somewhere, and learn how to take care of myself.  It could complete one of my scenarios.

But as I think about the possibility of moving to New Jersey, my recent interview experience with a rude Craigslist employer, my recent commitments here with Girls Rock and church, and my plans for the summertime, I start to feel very overwhelmed.  I feel as though I am trying to move 100 miles and hour while summertime requires a slower rate of speed.  In 7 days, I have been in contact with six different people so that I could build up my summer schedule, not including friends and family.  I have made promised to two organizations for my time, and a lot of plans with friends for summer plans.  There’s lots to do, and what if I have to move to New Jersey next week?  What will happen to those commitments and plans?

In the past 7 days, I have learned a lot already.  I have learned that I need to live out each day with every intention to succeed.  I have learned that there is a great pasta place just a bit out of Downtown Santa Monica.  I have also learned that good things come to those who wait and to those who seek those things.

These commitments and plans are fleeting opportunities, and I need to grab them whenever I can – whether that be a career opportunity or a fun opportunity.  This summer is full of possibility and all plans never go the way I see them going – I just need to keep waiting and looking for those things.