About Me

Photo Credit: Micah Martinez

Photo Credit: Micah Martinez

I’m Frankie and I’m a writer, an Asian-American, a woman, a feminist, an eater, a daughter, a significant other, a dog person, a photographer, and more.  I love doing a lot of things – its safe to say that it’s so much that I can never be really good at one thing.

This blog is about my life and how I am fitting all the puzzle pieces together.  It all started with a few words [#LIWL] and has grown to “As you think, so shall you become.”  I started the blog to “spill” certain thoughts out and clear my mind, and it’s been a great outlet for a brooding college graduate.  As I start off my life after college and figure out what’s next for me, I hope that whoever is out there can relate to it or find some sort of resonance in what I learn about, muse about, and rant about.

Thanks for stopping by!


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